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    Dr. Paige Patterson  

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05.09.2021 meeting Live and on Zoom:
Dr. Paige Patterson - Daniel Lesson 3
05-09-2021 Daniel Lesson 3 - Dr. Paige Patterson
05.02.2021 meeting Live and on Zoom:
Dr. Paige Patterson - Daniel 1 - Part 1
05-02-2021 Daniel 1 Part 1 - Dr. Paige Patterson
04.18.2021 meeting Live and on Zoom:
Dr. Paige Patterson 
Introduction to Daniel
04-18-2021 Introduction to Daniel - Dr. Paige Patterson

About our Class

The Presidents' Class is a dynamic place to be on Sunday morning for Bible study.  Our spirit of fellowship is that of an extended family. We study together, pray together, and party together at several spectacular events each year.

Each member of the class is assigned to a "Care Group" of eight to twelve people so that no need is ever left unnoticed. Members receive individual care and comfort whenever there is a sorrow or sickness. We have also rejoiced at several weddings and births!

 You are invited to come and be a part of this exciting fellowship, where you will find spiritual inspiration, intense Biblical instruction, and Christian friendships that feel like family.

We Live, We Love, We Serve

Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD!  Psalm 150:6